Traditional Log Sauna

For decades, Traditional Log Sauna has been the obvious choice for the hotels, club houses, luxury condominiums, swimming baths, sports facilities and wellness center.

Over the years, Saunas Builder has pioneered numerous innovations to improve and develop the function, safety and enjoyment of sauna bathing. Our intense technical knowledge and work of craftsmanship had earned us national recognition throughout Malaysia.

– Different Interior Designs with back rest –

– Double Benches Design – Luxury Single Bench Design –

Consealed Lighting & Raised Floor –

Sauna Room’s Door

Sauna Heater / Stove

Sauna Wooden Door

Sauna Wooden Glass Door

Sauna Heater / Sauna Stove

Sauna Heater / Sauna Stove

Control Panel

Wooden Guardrail

Sauna Room Control Panel

Control Panel

Sauna Wooden Guardrail

Wooden Guardrail

Sauna Room’s Standard Specification

Timber Wall & Ceiling Paneling

to supply and install pre-engineered timber panels that are built with selected Grade-A kiln dry Scandinavian Pine timber strip paneling, fiberglass wool and aluminium foils for heat insulation and vapor barrier feature.

Timber Benches

to supply and install double tiers timber benches constructed with Scandinavian Pine timber c/w Meranti legs with fasteners.

Timber Door

to supply and install insulated timber sauna door using Scandinavian Pine construction c/w glass viewing panel, ventilation square louver, timber handle, self-closing hinges and magnetic door catch.

Timber Flooring

Removable slatted Scandinavian Pine.

Stainless Steel Heater 

 made from superior quality stainless steel container with unique leak proof feature and run with high quality chrome steel elements that allow wet rock steam to create “loyly”: the moist heat in Finn term. Internal stainless steel baffling plates ensure gravity free convection airflow for greater heating efficiency and economize on cost running.

Controls Panel

Complete set of heater controls including operation and pre-setting time designed with thermostat with internal wiring connection.

Light Fixture

Vapor proof and wall mounted sauna light with bulb 230V/50Hz, 60W, with wiring connection to the sauna heater.

Supply of Sauna Accessories

Wooden Bucket – 1unit

Light Fitting – 1unit

Wooden Ladle – 1unit

Sauna Stones – 1box (app. 20KG)

Thermo-Hygrometer – 1unit

Sand-Timer – 1unit