Traditional Sauna Cabin

Traditional sauna cabin is a benchmark for both commercial and domestic sauna.

Saunas Builder manufactures pre-fabricated, ready-to-assemble sauna cabin in most shapes, sizes and designs. Portable Sauna Cabin is easy to assembly, movable, space-save, durable and power-save. It is ideal for limited patron/s in residential use, beauty saloon, spa centre, fitness centre, etc.

Traditional Sauna Cabin Standard Measurement
Model Seater Size: L x W x H Heater Bench 240V/1ph
TSC12B or L 1-2 3’6” x 3’6” x 6’6” 3.0 kw 1 tier 15amp
TSC23B or L 2-3 4’ x 4’ x 6’6” 3.0 kw 1 tier 15amp
TSC34B or L 3-4 5’ x 4’ x 6’6” 3.0 kw 2 tiers 15amp
TSC45B1 or L 4-5 5’ x 5’ x 6’6” 3.6 kw 2 tiers 20amp
TSC45B2 or L 4-5 6’ x 4” x 6’6” 3.6 kw 2 tiers 20amp
TSC-Custom – Customize Sauna Cabin, call us for your dimension.
Optional Accessories for Sauna Cabin

Wooden Rack

Audio System

Down Light Effect

Head Rest & Rail

What is Traditional Sauna?

Traditional Sauna is prefabricated, with thermally insulated wall, ceiling and door, generously proportioned benches, removable timber flooring, perfect ventilation, relaxing lighting, hidden conduits in wall section for Sauna Stove, Control panel and heat sensor installation. It is the Classical Finnish sauna bath at a temperature of 60 – 80oC in a pleasant relative humidity around 20-35%. Sprinkling a ladle of water over the hot sauna stones can feel the tingling sensation as the heat penetrates deep into the skin. Saunas Builder manufactures pre-fabricated, ready-to-assemble sauna rooms in most shapes and sizes, with a wide choice of interior fittings and woods. Over 10 years experience, our skilled craftsmen can make your dreams come true by custom-building a sauna to your specifications.

Top 10 Benefits of Traditional Sauna Room

Relieves Tension

Lifted Depression

Balance Hormones

Clear The Skin

Post-Workout Relaxation

Can Aid Weight Loss

Open Sinuses

Promotes Healthy Blood Flow

Stronger Immune System

Burn Calories

Sauna Raw Timber

Sauna timber paneling are especially made from soft wood in characteristic. It is allowed for some extensions when heat expansion occurred. Saunas Builder supplies Tongue and Groove Cabinetry, believing one of the strongest joints available, delivers a precision fit and extremely durable sauna room. Malaysia Damar Minyak A-Grade timber is common to be used in our sauna room construction, perhaps Finnish Scandinavian Pine would deliver an origin of sauna feel. Both timbers paneling naturally inherited yellowish color that will turn darken beautifully with age. The slight scent of grain and reminiscent of fresh coniferous will enliven sense and create a relaxing setting for sauna therapy and provide a stylish exterior and interior.

Damar Minyak

Scandinavian Pine

Tongue & Groove Cabinetry